Parenting Tips for Fathers: How to Reach Your Child’s Heart


Since Father’s Day was just last weekend, I thought I’d focus on fathers with some parenting tips in this week’s blogs. Today, I want to look at 3 Parenting Tips that will help you reach your child’s heart.

I’m not a parenting expert. I’m not a perfect parent by any definition of the word. But I have raised three kids and I feel that I can pass on some wisdom from what I’ve learned.

You know, you learn from your failures and from successes. So why don’t I share some of that with you?

Here are three parenting tips that I can share with you. I know these will help you along your journey as a Father.

Parenting Tips: Work to Capture the Heart

Looking back, one of the biggest mistakes that I think I made as a father was focusing too much on the external.

I was so concerned that my kids behaved when we were out, that they looked good on the surface, that I wasn’t focused on their heart.

The Bible has a lot to say about our heart and the fact that the state of our heart affects our behavior. Get the heart right, the inside, and the outside will reflect that automatically.

First, you have to be real. Get your heart right with your Father, God, and then you’ll be better equipped to help your children in this area.

Second, focus on the spiritual. Teach your children the importance of the Bible. Read and have prayer with them. Help them memorize verses that will teach them about their heart.

If you can get their heart, you’ll find that any correction in their behavior will be so much easier.

Parenting Tips: Never Discipline Out of Anger!

I believe in spanking. It’s biblical:

He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.
Proverbs 13:24

The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.
Proverbs 29:15

This isn’t beating and it isn’t abusive. It’s to be done in love.

Most men have issues with anger. It’s part of our old, sinful nature along with pride. Never spank, or discipline in anyway if you are angry. Let your anger cool, then sit and calmly, lovingly talk with your child.

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:4

Discipline correctly, out of love and it will amaze you how God will use it to help you gain the heart and love of your son or daughter.

Parenting Tips: Praise in Public, Punish in Private

Especially true as you son or daughter gets older!

Never berate them, chastise them, or yell at them in public. It’s a sure way begin to breed rebellion in the heart of your child. (And don’t yell at them anyway.)

If they do things well, heap praise upon them and let them, and the world, know how proud of them you are!

If they fail, make mistakes or are disobedient, take care of that in private.

There are times, normally when children are younger, that you must correct them in public. Maybe they act up while you’re out shopping or eating at a restaurant.

If you have to take care of it immediately, do so quietly and don’t make a huge scene about it.

All three of these parenting tips will help you to get a hold your child’s heart. When you have their heart, they will desire to do what pleases you and they will feel badly if they let you down.

Not unlike our relationship with God. If He has your heart, you will want to please Him and stay away from those things that displease Him.


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Doug is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran who enjoys computers and technical gadgets. He serves God in his local church in the audio/video ministry. He holds an Advanced Diploma of Biblical Studies from Faith Bible Institute. Doug and his wife, Emily, have been married since 1989 and have successfully raised three children. It is his desire to impact young Christian men.

“I believe that most men are not living up to the potential that God has for them and I want to help them to find their purpose, grow spiritually and impact other men for Christ.”

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