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Do Good and Fear No Man: Biblical-Based Success Principles

Do Good and Fear No Man: Biblical-Based Success Principles

The United States military builds some of the most incredible leaders in life. Do Good and Fear No Man, Life Lessons from a Career in the US Marines, is a book by one such leader.

He has shown himself to be a man who is faithful in his service to God, his family and his country.

I have the pleasure of knowing the author, Lieutenant Colonel David W. Pinion, U.S. Marine Corps, because of our service in church together. I was surprised the day that I learned that he had published a book.

Of course, I had to grab a copy right away! If a friend writes a book, you buy a copy, right?

Want to live a more prosperous life? Looking for secrets to impact the lives of people around you? Do you desire to become a better leader? A better husband? A better father?

This book will go a long way in moving you in the right direction.

Do Good and Fear No Man started as a project to give to the author’s children.

LtCol Pinion shares his thoughts on the frailty of life when serving in the military and what he would want his children to know should he not return home from a deployment.

“I try not to take anything for granted and am thankful for things as simple as the air in my lungs, my ability to walk across the room, and the ability to hold a thought in my head.”
LtCol David W. Pinion, Do Good and Fear No Man

do good and fear no man book coverFrom the moment I opened to cover, I could feel the heart of the author and a sense of love as he wrote the words. Very much like a father writing to his children, or even a grandfather who wants to pass on truths to his grandchildren.

The writing is certainly not condescending, though. LtCol Pinion will challenge you in the area of faith, your actions toward others and your thoughts of success and prosperity.

It can be read from cover to cover, yet be used as a reference book to look up guidance for specific situations in life.

There is even a list of 299 habits of success.

Do Good and Fear No Man is easy to read, but it won’t be easy putting the lessons into practice. As he mentions in Chapter 2, “Maturity, be it spiritual, emotional, physical or intellectual, doesn’t not just happen; it must be sought after.”

LtCol Pinion shares snippets of his experiences in the Marine Corps, hence the subtitle, Life Lessons from a Career in the US Marines.

In fact, my favorite part of the book are the two epilogues included. These epilogues detail events that happened in Fallujah, Iraq from the perspective of two different military leaders; one of them is the author. These alone are worth the price of the book!

“Life can be incredibly painful and unfair at times, but a lot will be decided on how you choose to react to the obstacles you encounter.”
LtCol David W. Pinion, Do Good and Fear No Man

Throughout the book, you will find quotes from from other authors, lots of Bible and other supporting references. It’s obvious that LtCol Pinion has taken great care to detail all of his sources.

Do Good and Fear No Man is a practical success book from a biblical perspective.

It is packed with life lessons, guiding principles and even practical resources like websites to teach you how to change a tire and recommended books to read.

If you have a desire to become a better person tomorrow than you are today, Do Good and Fear No Man is a great resource for you.

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While you’re at it, pick up a few copies for gifts to important people in your life!

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