“Resistance is Futile!”

Do you experience resistance in life? Here’s why and how to overcome it.

BorgStated in an earlier post, I’m a Sci-Fi geek so when I thought about a post regarding resistance, I couldn’t help but think of the Borg from Star Trek, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

In life, the force of resistance isn’t futile and most people go through life assimilated into the masses. Let me explain what I mean and tell you what you can do to escape the assimilation.

Whenever you choose to step out in life and attempt great things in your personal life, in your spiritual life or in business, you will meet resistance. It’s a given. It’s almost as if life itself is against you trying to keep you assimilated into the masses and resisting you at every turn. Understand that the bigger the calling and the bigger your vision, the more resistance you will encounter.

That’s the reason why only a few percent of people actually achieve these high levels of success. Most people are content to sit in their rocking chair sipping sweet tea and enjoy the view of the mountain from the bottom. Only a rare few decide to put in the hard work to overcome the resistance and climb that mountain, so only a rare few enjoy the exhilarating view from the top.

Here’s the sad part. It’s always those at the bottom yelling, “You’ll never make it!” or “I’ve seen hundreds of people try that and fail.” And, once you do make it to the top, it will be the same assimilated masses trying to bring you down because your success now offends them. They want the view from the top, but they don’t want to battle the resistance.

The first step in winning the battle is to recognize that you will encounter resistance.

Some resistance will be external. This will be in the form of family and friends, some well-meaning, that tell you that you should just, “Stay where it’s safe. Don’t take the risk. Good grief, some people climbing mountains fall to their death! Here, have some sweet tea and just sit next to me and chat a while. Wow, would you look at that beautiful mountain.”

Most of the resistance, however, will be internal. You’ll question your decisions, have doubts, fears, negative thoughts will race through your mind. You will wonder if you really deserve to be at the top of the mountain. The words that you tell yourself are actually more devastating than any that your friends or family will tell you, because they come from you. And while the further up the mountain you climb the less you may hear the words from the bottom, you will always hear your own. You will battle the resistance within you all the way to the top.

The second step in winning the battle is to prepare for the attacks.

Get around other mountain climbers that will encourage, teach, train and help you. Plug your ears and ignore the words from the assimilated masses, they can’t help you. Read positive and motivating books and educate yourself by those who have conquered resistance in their lives. Saturate your mind with thoughts that are positive and believe that you can accomplish great things. Get a vision and imagine the view from the top of the mountain.

Finally, win the battle by taking the action.

Start up the mountain. Resistance is only beaten back when you take action. Will it be tough? Yes. Will you expend energy? Yes. Will it hurt? Yes. Will you bleed? Probably. Could you possibly lose a limb? Yes.

Nothing great will be accomplished in your life without risk and without resistance, but by realizing that you will face resistance and by surrounding yourself with other like-minded mountain climbers, you can and will see the view from the top. And as you progress through the resistance, unknown to you and because of the resistance, you will become the person that you need to be.

So, unlike the Borg, let’s say, “I will not be assimilated. Resistance against me is futile!”

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P.S. I like sweet tea.

Doug is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran who enjoys computers and technical gadgets. He serves God in his local church in the audio/video ministry. He holds an Advanced Diploma of Biblical Studies from Faith Bible Institute. Doug and his wife, Emily, have been married since 1989 and have successfully raised three children. It is his desire to impact young Christian men.

“I believe that most men are not living up to the potential that God has for them and I want to help them to find their purpose, grow spiritually and impact other men for Christ.”

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