7 Keys to Break Free From Habitual Sin
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overcome habitual sin

Overcome Habitual Sin: Practical Steps to Keeping the Heart

We will never experience a real, vibrant Christian walk if we struggle to overcome habitual sin. Sin binds and keeps us from becoming the men that God wants us to be. Do you struggle to ...
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real success

Real Success for the Real Man: Prosperity and Purpose

How do you define real success? Is it defined by a bank account? Is it defined by material possessions, grand accomplishments, fame or noterietay? Real success for the real man must be defined in the ...
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raising socially balanced children

3 Activities for Raising Socially Balanced Children

First, let me say that I’m a tech guy. I love my iPhone, iPad, iMac and my job is in the Information Technology field (where I interact with the Windows world). And, used the right ...
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parenting tips

Parenting Tips for Fathers: How to Reach Your Child’s Heart

Since Father’s Day was just last weekend, I thought I’d focus on fathers with some parenting tips in this week’s blogs. Today, I want to look at 3 Parenting Tips that will help you reach ...
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